West Hills Church


laying down a spiritual foundation

Kids Church (Sunday mornings, 3 years - 4th grade, 9:30 a.m.)

The good times begin at 9:10 a.m. when children and leaders interact while playing games in small groups. Children are free to choose any activity that interests them, from board games and chess, to memory games or crafts.

Bible teaching begins at 9:30 with a five minute "check-in" time of sharing in small groups. The Bible lesson is presented by gifted teachers to a large group consisting of two grades. Drama, story telling, object lessons, media and interactive learning keep the kids eager to see what comes next. Age-graded small groups provide a time for kids to process the learning of the day, form relationships and share personal experiences, concerns and prayer requests.

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5th–6th Grade (Sunday mornings, 9:30 a.m.)

Fifth and sixth graders meet in their own classroom. Biblical instruction, spiritual formation, and discussion of issues unique to preteens make this an ideal community where fifth and sixth graders grow in faith and prepare for the teenage years.

If you're interested in what the fifth and sixth graders are learning about on Sunday mornings, visit the Orange Curriculum website and browse around in the xp3 middle school curriculum.

In order to facilitate the transition to middle school, sixth graders are invited to junior high activities on Wednesday nights and to the middle school winter retreat each January.

Children's Library

Our children's library features more than 1,000 Christian books and videos. Many titles providing parenting support are also included. Each spring a book shower provides new materials to keep the library current. infants through 3 year olds as space permits. For more information, email Jessica@whcomaha.org or call 402-391-8788.


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