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When God Interrupts

In this sermon series we will look at how God interrupts in our lives and how we should respond when He does.

When You Are Sure You Are Right SERIES When You Are Sure You Are Right

Michael Johnson
Acts 9:1-19
February 11, 2018

Unplanned Pregnancy SERIES Unplanned Pregnancy

Deena Candler
Luke 1:26-38
February 4, 2018

Called To The Enemy SERIES Called To The Enemy

Deena Candler
Jonah 1:1-17, 2:10-4:5
January 28, 2018

Telling God NO SERIES Telling God NO

Deena Candler
Exodus 3:1-15, 4:1-5,10-17
January 21, 2018

Wrestling With God SERIES Wrestling With God

Deena Candler
Genesis 32:3-12; 22-32
January 14, 2018

On A Journey SERIES On A Journey

Deena Candler
Genesis 12:1-9
January 7, 2018

Walk This Way
11/20/2018mp338 MB11/20/2018
11/03/2018mp334 MB11/03/2018
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7-22-18 Storage1
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2018-4-1 Fools Day
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2018-1-21 Telling God NO
1/26/2018mp335 MB1/26/2018
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2018-1-07 On A Journey
1/08/2018mp326 MB1/08/2018
9/11/2018mp335 MB9/11/2018
12-9-2018 Peace
12/18/2018mp334 MB12/18/2018
12-16-2018 Joy
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11-4-2018 Talents
11/13/2018mp341 MB11/13/2018
11-11-2018 Treasure
11/13/2018mp339 MB11/13/2018
10/10/2018mp354 MB10/10/2018
10-28-2018 - Talents
11/13/2018mp343 MB11/13/2018
10/24/2018mp38 MB10/24/2018
10/16/2018mp334 MB10/16/2018
9/25/2018wav3 MB9/25/2018
7/24/2018mp374 MB7/24/2018