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Fall Sermon Series


Christmas Eve Service SERIES Christmas Eve Service

Deena Candler
Luke 2:1-7
December 24, 2017

Heaven And Nature Sing SERIES Heaven And Nature Sing

Bill Bowers
Luke 2:8-15
December 17, 2017

A Magnificent Christmas SERIES A Magnificent Christmas

Bill Bowers
Luke 1:46-56
December 10, 2017

Who Is In Charge? SERIES Who Is In Charge?

Bill Bowers
Matthew 25:31-46
November 26, 2017

The Next Right Thing SERIES The Next Right Thing

Kurt Kandler
Romans 12:2; Galatians 2:20; John 15:5
November 19, 2017

7-22-18 Storage1
7/24/2018mp335 MB7/24/2018
2018-4-1 Fools Day
4/02/2018mp327 MB4/02/2018
3/28/2018mp325 MB3/28/2018
3/28/2018mp322 MB3/28/2018
3/12/2018mp322 MB3/12/2018
3/05/2018mp331 MB3/05/2018
2/27/2018mp331 MB2/27/2018
2/20/2018mp331 MB2/20/2018
2/12/2018mp328 MB2/12/2018
2/05/2018mp327 MB2/05/2018
1/28/2018mp331 MB1/28/2018
2018-1-21 Telling God NO
1/26/2018mp335 MB1/26/2018
1/15/2018mp326 MB1/15/2018
2018-1-07 On A Journey
1/08/2018mp326 MB1/08/2018
7/24/2018mp374 MB7/24/2018