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Summer Sermon Series 2017

This summer will feature guest pastors and preachers on various topics that span the entire bible.

Fruitful Or Merely Productive SERIES Fruitful Or Merely Productive

Bill Bowers
John 15:1-17
September 3, 2017

Experiencing Jesus SERIES Experiencing Jesus

Luke Burns
Matthew 25:31-46
August 27, 2017

What Do YOU Think? SERIES What Do YOU Think?

Bill Bowers
Philippians 4:2-9
August 20, 2017

Worship is Aweful SERIES Worship is Aweful

Bill Bowers
August 13, 2017
Isaiah 1-8


Michael Johnson
Psalm 126:1-6
August 6, 2017

Politics, Polity, and Power: Restoring A Divided Church SERIES Politics, Polity, and Power: Restoring A Divided Church

Tom Backer
1 Corinthians 1:1-17
July 30. 2017

Left For Dead SERIES Left For Dead

Michael Johnson
Luke 10:25-37
July 23, 2017

Love Can Do Anything SERIES Love Can Do Anything

John Parsons
July 16, 2017
1 John 3:16-18, Matthew 11:2-6

Love Can Break Through Christianity, Love Can Break Through Walls SERIES Love Can Break Through Christianity, Love Can Break Through Walls

Ron Dotzler
John 4:1-42
July 9, 2017

The Lion Who Is a Lamb SERIES The Lion Who Is a Lamb

Scott Parker
July 2 2017
Revelation 5:1-14

Attitude Is Everything SERIES Attitude Is Everything

Bill Bowers
Philippians 2:1-11
June 25th, 2017

Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit SERIES Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

Steve Seyler
Revelation 3:14-22
June 18, 2017
Part 1 of 8 in this series

The Resurrection
10/18/2017mp328 MB10/18/2017
10/08/2017mp337 MB10/08/2017
Left For Dead
7/25/2017mp354 MB7/25/2017
12/11/2017mp315 MB12/11/2017
11/27/2017mp325 MB11/27/2017
11/20/2017mp328 MB11/20/2017
2017-11-12 The End Of Time
11/14/2017mp324 MB11/14/2017
11/07/2017mp326 MB11/07/2017
2017-10-22 Paul's Mission
10/30/2017mp327 MB10/30/2017
2017-10-22 New Beginnings
10/23/2017mp329 MB10/23/2017
10/10/2017mp321 MB10/10/2017
2017-09-24 No Ordinary Man
9/26/2017mp328 MB9/26/2017
9/19/2017mp337 MB9/19/2017
9/11/2017mp346 MB9/11/2017
9/05/2017mp324 MB9/05/2017
8/28/2017mp315 MB8/28/2017
8/27/2017mp315 MB8/27/2017
8/25/2017mp330 MB8/25/2017
8/14/2017mp325 MB8/14/2017
2017-08-06 Joy
8/08/2017mp325 MB8/08/2017
8/01/2017mp332 MB8/01/2017
7/17/2017mp334 MB7/17/2017
7/10/2017mp327 MB7/10/2017
7/02/2017mp337 MB7/02/2017
6/25/2017mp322 MB6/25/2017
6/19/2017mp331 MB6/19/2017
6/14/2017mp331 MB6/14/2017
2017-05-28 Coming Home
5/31/2017mp336 MB5/31/2017
5/21/2017mp341 MB5/21/2017
2017-05-14 A New Hope
5/14/2017mp335 MB5/14/2017
5/07/2017mp327 MB5/07/2017
6/05/2017mp339 MB6/05/2017
6/05/2017mp339 MB6/05/2017
5/02/2017mp331 MB5/02/2017
2017-04-23 A Soft Answer
4/24/2017mp334 MB4/24/2017
4/20/2017mp324 MB4/20/2017
4/11/2017mp335 MB4/11/2017
2017-04-02 Finish Strong
4/04/2017mp331 MB4/04/2017
3/27/2017mp339 MB3/27/2017
3/21/2017mp327 MB3/21/2017
3/13/2017mp341 MB3/13/2017
3/06/2017mp340 MB3/06/2017
3/03/2017mp338 MB3/03/2017
2017-02-19 Choose
2/20/2017mp330 MB2/20/2017
2017-01-29 Mad Cow Disease
2/06/2017mp335 MB2/06/2017
2017-01-29 Hands Up
1/30/2017mp335 MB1/30/2017
2/13/2017mp342 MB2/13/2017
2017-01-22 930 Joseph
1/24/2017mp335 MB1/24/2017
2017-01-08 falling
1/12/2017mp345 MB1/12/2017
2017-01-01 Love
1/04/2017mp334 MB1/04/2017