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Family Fun:

We believe that God put us in families to give us a chance to grow together.  We offer seasonal celebrations that are a great way to set aside the routine of daily life and connect with your own family and other families.  This is also a great time to invite friends to experience the joy of a church family.  These events include things like jumping venues, hayrack rides, Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dates.

Family Faithbuilders:

We know that God tells us to teach the next generation about His faithfulness. As parents and grandparents, that is sometimes a hard command to walk out.  To support families on this journey, we offer celebrations and workshops several times throughout the year to help parents and children grow together in our faith.  Examples include a Bible presentation, a hands-on bible workshop, an interactive communion workshop, a prayer experience, and a stewardship opportunity.

Families On A Mission:

Statistics show that one of the most important things parents and grandparents can do to help children develop a living faith of their own is to work together to put their faith in action.  At least once a quarter, Families on a Mission join the West Hills teams that demonstrate that Jesus' love is an action verb.  Families come together to love our neighbors with our time and our actions because Jesus loves us.  Families on a Mission serve our Westgate neighbors on Servant Sunday in the spring and fall, go caroling in December, and look for other ways we can love our neighbors in Westgate, in our own neighborhoods, and beyond throughout the year.  It makes a difference to be Families on (God's!) Mission together!

Family Resource Center:

Our Family Resource Center and Children's Library features more than 1,000 Christian books and videos for children to borrow or to enjoy in the library area.  There is a growing collection of parenting resources available to be checked out as well.  You may visit, browse, and borrow materials any time the church building is open by filling out the card in the front of the book.  The library is in the process of being automated and searchable.  If you are looking for a particular resource, please contact Jessica Scheopner (listed below). 

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